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Team of the month

We are paving the way for a successful career of football players. Thereby we are also promoting the personal developement. That is why the individual needs of each individual player are always the center of our attention. Continuous consultation over the entire career is our philosophy.


Furthermore we are offering our advisory activities within the range of Consulting, Marketing, Sponsoring and Scouting to associations and enterprises.


The Company

MP International GmbH Sport-Consulting & -Marketing Ltd. is one of Europe's leading management agency for football professionals and football clubs. We are representing more than 100 professional players, as well as nearly 30 clubs.

We are setting great store by comprehensive consultation - not by the fast transfer. That is why our players are knowing themselves in good hands, because our services are  going far beyond a pure transfer completion. Support and consultation after the transfer are one of our principles and we are taking care that our players are comfortable in theire new surrounding.

This is also valid for our advisory services to clubs. Clubs can only be successful, when they have suitable emloyees. Therefore we are providing a large selection of creative and talented clients, wether it is a striker, a goal keeper or a manager.


You can reach us via Telephone, Fax, Mail or E-Mail:

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+49-30-40 63 66 80
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+49-30-401 50 85
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Remstaler Strasse 2-4 • D-13465 Berlin Germany
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General Information: info@mp-international.org
Webmaster: webmaster@mp-international.org

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